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ShargeMe: A cleantech startup in Electric Vehicles industry

Shargeme - A CleanTech EV Startup project

ShargeMe will solve and beautifully evolve the concept of Electric Recharge by giving EVs owners the possibility to sell an agreed percentage of their unutilized battery charge to other electric vehicles who want to increase their battery level.

Shargeme - The Product Basic Demo

ShargeMe is an online platform, easily accessible via web or mobile app, that will allow owners of Electric Vehicles to get in touch in real-time with each other in order to have the possibility to share part of their unutilized electric charge to someone who is willing to pay for an agreeable percentage of it.

There will be no need for who is selling her charge to be physically present at the moment and in the location of the physical exchange of electric energy because ShargeMe will allow remote control of the EV that is selling its charge. And a further step would be that the buyer could be the one requesting if any seller of electricity is available to go to fullfill her car for an agreable price and percentage.